About IUB micro-channel marketing
IUB micro-marketing is a third-party platform to create a specialized marketing services for the provision of micro-channel public account. The main function is to provide unique, targeted marketing services for micro-channel businesses. Micro-marketing platform can better makes up the weakness of micro-channel public function and the problem of pertinence, interactive inconvenient, For businesses, to provide a more intimate, and core demand of features and services, truly become a convenient new marketing channels, to help businesses getting through O2O, really makes the business always in control of the ownners.
Industry outlook
2011, the cale of China Mobile Internet is 28 billion yuan: in 2012, reached 55 billion yuan, the growth rate reached 96.4%; China has 590 million Internet users, the mobile Internet user accounted for 78.5%, reaching 460 million.. Commercial WIFI, is an emerging industry,it’s says that where is the businesses, where is the opportunities. And market reachs 9.6 billion. In the next two years, commercial WIFI industry will enter a rapid development period, the annual growth rate will more than 500%! Mobile Internet, a new opportunities of wealth.
IUB micro-marketing advantage
Micro-channel membership card implant membership by the micro-channel, based 600 million micro-channel users around the country, to help enterprises building brand promotion, membership management, statistical reports and integration of micro-channel member management platform. Clearly record business users and consumer’s behavior to data analysis; also classied according to the user’s feature, in order to achieve precision marketing of various modes. Enterprise micro-channel media properties: 100,000 fans equal to local newspapers; 1,000,000 fans equal to the headlines of national newspaper.
Hand smooth micro marketing provide one-stop service platform, to realize your derivative 020
Through intelligent mobile advertising on the platform and micro marketing platform of micro mall, micro poly guest, promotion, to create derivative 020.
1.One-stop service, building the mobile 020 overall
Buildinf 020 business model, constructing the enterprise's mobile marketing closed loop.Hand smooth micro marketing 020 mode through the micro mall, micro assembly guest, micro promotion, micro order, this four core functions, unicom mobile mall end and offline experienced service end, from the micro website, mall, assembly fans, activity, promoting to the members, the order management, getting through the micro marketing to make business always be in hand.

2.According to the industry attribute, customized marketing strategy
Providing targeted marketing strategy For different sectors merchants

3.The powerful function integration
Micro letter marketing platform hold the core functions and main line of the micro marketing .Businesses can easily manage, and process all kinds of information, maintain customer relationship, to carry out promotional activities,and manage mall order
4.Cross-platform marketing, compatible with all major platforms of mobile end
Support the micro letter.e-link,.contact,Tencent QQ etc.

5.Google technical team supporting
Technical team composed of well-known IT core members, the team has a wealth of Internet marketing experience and resources, they can provide businesses with a smarter, more convenient micro letter marketing service platform.