Purchasing Agency for iub groupon is the first brand service website
Seize the aged opportunity and make money from mobile Internet
Purchasing Agency for iub groupon, of which market share is 98%, devotes to collecting chinese buyers and promoting the products and services to all of the country throungh related service and targeted promotion.
How to join IUB
About us
Purchasing Agency for iub groupon is a growing organization concerning to integrate to all kinds of Internet resources and offer diversified services. The company found in 2004 is a large enterprise with rich experience and solid strength and provides Internet services covering all aspects of Internet technology. IUB creates an excellent electronic commerce network marketing platform for enterprises, focusing on researching and developing Internet which is the leader of e-commerce platform in china and has thousands of allied suppliers all over the world and a steady stream of customers.

IUB-talent aggregation

Purchasing Agency for iub groupon is dominated by technology and based on service which is our eternal faith and constantly pursuing goals.We have a very strong sense of responsibility and cohesion in the progress of innovation and perfection, making our enterprise flourishing to provide better services for you. The company has a number of famous e-commerce experts, elite management team with pioneering spirit and senior management experience in the field of zara and advanced global logistics network. The company builds a vast free, safe and reliable network platform, and provides a full range of solutions for the majority of overseas suppliers freely being online sales in China
For a long time, we serve for you with  innovation, realistic, coordination and serving enterprise concept. IUB, an Internet marketing requires no additional investment in technology and cost, and saves suppliers’ time and is on supplier’s behalf to make them achive dream---- never leave home, sell all over China.

Purchasing Agency for iub groupon leads a new generation trend of quick profits depending on unique marketing way and wins the favour of many suppliers and praise of the industry. Let us get together to create a better future.
For People
Purchasing Agency for iub groupon serves to growing enterprise and individuals with a large of sources. They have huge products widely distributed. However, with small scale , lacking professinal compund export traders and limited resources, they have weak comprehensive strength. At the same time, the external competition environment are tough, and the trend of foreign trade is depressed and unclear and their business channel is single. Some enterprises with strength still invest most of their mony into traditional sales channels of which effect are worse and worse. In term of e-commence, they have limited positions, lacking professional network marketing talents and sales promotion team is not mature. Most of them relay on B2B platform of which competition is tough and homogenization and only earn a little profit. While our IUB will put your products into china or broader market in the most popular way of group buying.
30 years ago,when people say going to business can make money, you maybe don’t believe it.
20years ago, when people say investing in stocks can make mony, you maybe don’t believe it.
10 years ago,when mayun say internet can chage our life, we all don’t belive it;
In the 10 years, Internet will still change ourselves. Do you believe it?

99% people know Purchasing Agency for iub groupon is the gold key to open Internet marketing but the key to the question is whether you can seize the opportunity
1.Industry leading brand protection

IUB group purchase and purchasing is researched and developed by ECCIC independently. We have professional technical team, specialize in software development and network promotion, grasp the trend of internet. Suppliers inputs zero technology and then have the network marketing platform, business is unlimited, development space is infinite.
2. Service advantage

As our suppliers, we will provide technical support for you, sales training and a series of perfect support. Let us devote to group purchase and purchasing service.
3. Advantages of cooperation

As IUB group purchase and purchasing partners, you are not just suppliers selling products, but a brand that we can joint venture,  grow together and get benefit. we grow together, and occupied the market of age of the Internet quickly.
4 The price advantage

The great performance service, good quality, good prices. Joining the IUB group purchase and purchasing only needs $99. When we sale a product for your, additional commission is 6%~8% of each commodity price. The price is lower than the market average level.
5. Technical advantages

We have many years experience in service industry. We first proposed to lead sales to the group purchase mode. We have a professional technical team,  the technical level is leading the country. Strong technical strength backing for you will solve your worry about futuer ".
6. Development advantages

Big market, small investment, quick returns, low risk, high efficiency, wide range of application.
 10 years experience of sale and purchase, blood work.
Promotion, discount activities 
synchronous foreign websites. Let Chinese customers can timely know and enjoy these benefits.
Show the new listing information timely, the information gap between China market and international market is reduced to close to zero.
Convergence of international brands, including a large number of designer brand.
Commission is 6%~8% of each commodity price.
Why choose us?
     Why choose us to buy on your behalf?
We are different from other companies.
We buying on sb's behalf is according to the customers’ customized demand. 
The rights of purchasing is owned to customers permanently, rather than limited rights.
Our technical team is your technical team.
 Our IUB group purchase and purchasing  is continuously improved, upgraded.
Supplier service
IUB group purchase and purchasing has over 10 years experience in the promotion of trade. We committed to assist the supplier for proper raw material, and through a series of practical and related services, as well as targeted promotional activities to promote the products and services to the buyers across the country. You can find purchase information around the world in this platform and contact more potential and new buyers.。

We have more than 1400000 registered buyers all over the world.
The proportion of Chinese buyers is 3%.The market is vast.
IUB group purchase and purchasing can not only increase your China market exposure and obtain more high-quality buyers information, but also you can get preferential buyers. Provide relevant goods timely for buyers, and so make them purchase conveniently. Thereby you can expand the market and profits.